Harris Mental Healthcare Agency

                        You can recreate your life

You Can Recreate Your Life

Let us stand by your side. Harris Mental Healthcare Agency is a peer support recovery agency committed to helping people achieve their recuperation goals. Through our peer specialists, you can find the help you need to move forward in life. Experience radical improvement with success plans that we’ve personalized for you.

We have programs designed to help those who went through life's setbacks. Find us lending a hand to clients in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. We also work with customers in Milwaukee and West Allis in Wisconsin.

Reach Your Goals

Harris Mental Healthcare Agency is a 100% peer-based agency that practices SAMSHA's Peer Recovery Principles and Wellness Initiative. Go through personal improvement when you complete our tried and tested methods!

History of Our Company

We started as a limited partnership in the industry (HOPE from Ms. Harris) in 2005, specializing in personal development, life skills, and mentoring.

In 2014, we fully integrated mental health assistance programs in our services. Come to us if you’re looking for a peer support specialist who has extensive experience in helping people overcome obstacles.

Our Mission and Vision

It is our purpose to aid our peers through their journey of complete recovery. We offer guidance, support, and resources to help them succeed regardless of their stage, transition, or phase in life.

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